Tracks and Trails

Synopsis: The story revolves around the lives and tribulations of young, eager, and energetic high school students. It carefully keys in on eminent issues concerning contemporary subcultures within schools:
education, drugs/violence, relationship abuse, and drinking and driving. Through watching this film, universal issues of guilt, coming of age, lost friendships, and feelings of loss and suffering surface to the scene.

Starring (In Order of Appearance): Zoe Wabro-Pape, Pamela Walia, Gurjas Singh, Julian Robino, Brock Morgan, Stephen Henley, Farid Yazdani, Wattney Chan, Marcus Haccius, Carl Palmer, Sundeep Deol and Simone Lewis.

Production Manager: Shaan Singh
First Assistant Director: Sheena Niyamuddin
Costume Designer: Emily Woudenberg
Visual Effects Supervisor: Sunny Mutta
Lead Lighting Technician: Matt McCallum
Cinematography: Justin Arjune
Editing: Justin Arjune & Arul Rajah
Written & Directed By: Kinny Saral & Arul Rajah